*Daphne the Balloon Girl Rep*

Daphne Logo 1!Daphne the Balloon Girl Rep!

What is it? Plain and simple – it’s a marketing program. It’s a chance for individuals to earn discounts and free balloon decorations for any party or event they choose! We want to connect our balloon/character business with more people in the community. Who else does that better than a well-connected, involved individual!

-Benefit: For every order that tells us you referred them when they place their balloon order, you will receive $5 of product or toward a character visit for every $25 spent!

Publicity: Website, brochures, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook-some of the places in which your name and pictures may appear! This program is by invitation only. Ideally we will have several reps to help our word of mouth and social media advertising. We are looking for individuals who are well-connected in their community and who truly appreciate the Daphne the Balloon Girl products and can see the difference in our work.

What we ask: -Tell your friends!

-Remember this is an exclusive deal for you and to have amazing balloon décor (for any occasion)  or character visit and save money at the same time!

-Spread the word via social and any other way you choose! -Get Referrals! -The more referrals, the more balloon & character visit $$ you earn! -Have fun & get free balloons!

-GET THE BUZZ GOING-tell others about your experiences with us (and I promise–your balloon décor or character visits will be awesome!)

What’s the next step? Text Daphne 765-720-9051 or email theballoongirl@yahoo.com or message us on Facebook!  -We would love to set up a brief appointment with you to make sure everything we have outlined above is very clear. After we meet and it seems like a good fit, we will message you to make sure you are ready to be put on our list!


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